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see also CONTAINER
- a bag for carrying sports clothes and equipment: sports bag
- a small bag, worn on a belt around your waist, used for carrying money and other possessions: (BrE, informal) bumbag
※—† using bags for travelling
- the bags, etc used for carrying your things on a journey: luggage (noun U), baggage (noun U)
'How much luggage are you taking with you?' 'Just one suitcase.' The security people were carefully checking everyone's baggage.
- luggage that weighs more than the limit set by an airline: excess baggage (noun U)
- bags, etc that you take with you to the seating area of an aeroplane: hand luggage (AmE hand baggage)(noun U)
Can I take my guitar as hand luggage?
- a piece of paper with your name and address on that you tie to a bag: label
Have you put labels on all your bags?
- to put your things into a suitcase, etc before you travel or go on holiday: pack (sth); noun (U): packing
Don't forget to pack your toothbrush! Have you packed yet? I haven't done my packing yet.
- to take your things out of a suitcase, etc when you arrive somewhere: unpack (sth)
I'll meet you in the bar later. I want to unpack first.
- a person whose job is to carry luggage at a station, airport, etc: porter
- a vehicle that you put your luggage on so that you can push it easily: (luggage) trolley (AmE baggage cart)
- the part of a car where you put luggage: boot (AmE trunk)
- a shelf above the seats on a train, bus, etc where you put hand-luggage: luggage-rack
- a place at a railway station, etc where you can leave your luggage for a short time: left-luggage office (AmE baggage room)
※ more on travelling TRAVEL

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