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- paying money to buy sth
1 paying for sth
2 paying a bill
3 methods of payment
4 things that are paid for
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1 paying for sth
- to give sb money for sth you want to buy: pay* (sb) (some money) (for sth); the act of paying for sth: payment (noun U); the amount that you pay for sth: payment
How much did you pay for that picture? Payment must be made before goods are delivered. I have to make one more payment of ※£50.
- a piece of paper showing that sth has been paid: receipt
Could you give me a receipt?
- to pay all the money that you owe: pay* sth off
I'm determined to pay off all my debts.
- to pay for sth before you receive it: pay* (for sth) in advance
- failure to pay sth: (formal) non-payment (noun U)
※—† paying gradually
- the system of buying goods or services and not paying for them until later: credit (noun U); to buy sth in this way: buy* sth on credit
a credit account (= an arrangement with a shop to buy things on credit)
- the first payment that you have to make when you buy on credit: deposit
- a regular payment that you make when you buy sth on credit: instalment (AmE installment)
to pay in monthly instalments
- the money that you pay for borrowing money: interest (on sth) (noun U)
How much interest will I have to pay if I pay for the car over twelve months?
※ owing money DEBT
※—† giving money back
- to give back money that you owe: repay* sb (for sth), repay* sth (to sb); noun: repayment
When are you going to repay the money I lent you?
- to give back money that has been paid for sth (for example in a shop): refund (sb) sth, refund sth (to sb); noun: refund
If the cruise is cancelled, they'll have to refund all the passengers the cost of their tickets. I'm going straight back to the shop to demand a refund.

2 paying a bill
- a piece of paper that shows how much you must pay for things you have bought or for a service provided, for example in a restaurant: bill (AmE check)
Could you bring me the bill?
- to pay what you owe when you are given a bill: pay* the bill, settle the bill
- to share the payment of a bill, for example in a restaurant, with sb else: go* halves (with sb)
Let's go halves, shall we?
- an official piece of paper that lists goods or services that you have bought and which says how much you must pay for them: invoice
- to send a bill to sb: invoice sb (for sth)
Do I need to pay now or will you invoice me?
- when it is time for a bill to be paid it is due for payment, (formal) payable
- if payment is made in good time, it is prompt (adverb promptly)
They will expect prompt payment.
- a bill that has not been paid is unpaid
- if you agree that you (not another person) pay for sth, you pay*, foot the bill
It's okay, I'll pay. John footed the entire bill.

3 methods of payment
- money (coins and notes) that you can carry in your hand: cash (noun U); to pay using cash: pay* in cash
'How do you want to pay?' 'I'll pay in cash.'
- the money you get back if you pay more than the amount sth costs: change (noun U)
I don't think this is the right change - I'm sure I gave you a ten-pound note.
- a piece of paper, printed by a bank, that you can fill in, sign and use to pay for things: cheque (AmE check); to pay using a cheque: pay* by cheque (AmE check), give* sb a cheque
Can I give you a cheque?
- a cheque that you can change into foreign money when you are travelling abroad: traveller's cheque (AmE traveler's check)
- a piece of paper like a cheque that you can buy from a post office and send to sb, and that they can exchange for money: postal order
I'll send you a postal order.
- a small plastic card that allows you to get goods and services without using money (you usually receive a bill once a month for what you have bought): credit card
- a small plastic card that you can use to pay for goods and services; money is deducted directly from your bank account: debit card, Switch card
- to pay using a plastic card: pay* by credit card, debit card, etc
- an arrangement by which a bank pays a certain amount of money regularly from your account to sb, for example to pay a bill: standing order
- an arrangement by which money is automatically taken out of your bank account in order to pay a bill: direct debit (noun U/C)
I agreed to pay by direct debit.
※ more on paying by cheque or using a bank CHEQUE, BANK
- a piece of paper that you can exchange for certain goods and services: voucher
a gift voucher (= a voucher given to sb as a gift)

4 things that are paid for
- money that you pay for the use of a house, land, etc: rent (noun U)
to pay the rent
- money that you pay for driving on some roads and bridges: toll (charge)
- money that you pay to receive a magazine regularly or to be a member of a club: subscription; to get sth by paying a subscription subscribe (to sth)
Members must pay their subscriptions before the end of December.
- money that is paid to sb for helping the police, finding a lost dog, etc: reward
- money that you pay to sb because you have injured them or lost or damaged their property: compensation (noun U), damages (noun plural); verb: compensate sb (for sth)
- money that is paid to free sb who has been captured by criminals: ransom (noun C/U)
※ money that you pay to people who work for you PAY

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