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Từ điển Oxford Advanced Learner 8th

I. lower 1 [lower lowers lowered lowering] adjective, verb BrE [ˈləʊə(r)] NAmE [ˈloʊər]
see also lower 2
adjective only before noun
1. located below sth else, especially sth of the same type, or the other of a pair
the lower deck of a ship
His lower lip trembled.
2. at or near the bottom of sth
the mountain's lower slopes
I have problems with my lower back.
3. (of a place)located towards the coast, on low ground or towards the south of an area
the lower reaches of the Nile
Opp: upper
Idioms:lower the bar lower yourself
1. transitive to let or make sth/sb go down
~ sth He had to lower his head to get through the door.
She lowered her newspaper and looked around.
~ sth/sb + adv./prep. They lowered him down the cliff on a rope.
Opp: raise
2. transitive, intransitive ~ (sth) to reduce sth or to become less in value, quality, etc
He lowered his voice to a whisper.
This drug is used to lower blood pressure.
Her voice lowered as she spoke.
Opp: raise
more at raise/lower your sights at sight n., raise/lower the temperature at temperature
Verb forms:

Example Bank:
Cristina blushed and quickly lowered her eyes.
He carefully lowered the sleeping child onto the bed.
She lowered herself down to the floor.
She lowered herself into the driver's seat.
The company may be forced to lower prices in order to stay competitive.
to lower blood pressure/cholesterol levels
to lower prices/interest rates

II. lower 2 [lower lowers lowered lowering] (also lour)BrE [ˈlaʊə(r)] NAmE [ˈlaʊər] verb intransitive (literary)
(of the sky or clouds)to be dark and threatening
Huge clouds lowered over the bay.
see also lower 1
See also:lour
Verb forms:

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