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sub·con·tract [subcontract subcontracts subcontracted subcontracting] verb, noun
verb BrE [ˌsʌbkənˈtrækt] ; NAmE [ˌsʌbˈkɑːntrækt]
to pay a person or company to do some of the work that you have been given a contract to do
~ sth (to sb/sth) We subcontracted the work to a small engineering firm.
~ sb/sth (to do sth) We subcontracted a small engineering firm to do the work.
Verb forms:
Derived Word:subcontracting
noun BrE [ˌsʌbˈkɒntrækt] ; NAmE [ˌsʌbˈkɑːntrækt]
a contract to do part of the work that has been given to another person or company
subcontract work
a government subcontract

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