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rabid/ˈræbəd, ˈræbɪd, ˈreɪ-/ adjective
[date : 1600-1700; Language : Latin; Origin : rabidus, from rabere; ⇨ rage1]
1. having very extreme and unreasonable opinions:
  ▪ a group of rabid right-wing fanatics

2. a rabid animal is suffering from rabies

rabid liberals
a rabid dog
Major Arnold was greatly exercised over the possibility that Theodore might be rabid.
Neither event was marked by screaming headlines or rabid editorials.
Raccoons no longer trapped for their fur, have invaded suburbia around Washington and a few have recently been found to be rabid.
So why are some fellow Republicans acting as if Bush were a rabid armadillo?
Sometimes genuine letters are offered without the vital signature, some rabid autograph hunter having removed it at some period.
Stephenson drew huge, rabid crowds on his barnstorming tours of the Indiana countryside.
The little man would trot around, mumbling contentedly, reenacting heroic skirmishes with rabid Orks in cramped subterranean Squattish strongholds.
The more rabid federalists became impatient with procedural delays and wanted to effect a return to the federal system at once.

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