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cold temperatures COLD
cold weather WEATHER, SNOW
- water that is very cold and has become solid: ice (noun U)
There's ice all over the roads. The ice on the pond was about four centimetres thick. thin/thick ice snow and ice Can I have some ice in my juice?
- covered with ice, or as cold as ice: icy
The roads are very icy. an icy wind
- a very thin layer of small thin pieces of ice on the ground, the trees, etc: frost (noun U)
The fields were covered in frost.
- a large piece of ice: block of ice
- a thin area of ice: sheet of ice
The lake was covered with a thin sheet of ice.
- a pointed piece of ice that is formed when very cold water falls or runs down from sth: icicle
- a very large block of ice that is floating in the sea: iceberg
- a mass of ice, formed by snow moving slowly down a hill or mountain into a valley: glacier
- rain that falls in small hard balls of ice: hail (noun U); verb hail
Look - it's hailing!
- a small hard ball of hail: hailstone
- a storm of hailstones: hailstorm
- a small block of ice that you put in a drink to make it cold: ice cube
- a drink with ice in it is iced
iced tea
- to change from water into ice: freeze*; adjective: frozen
to prevent water in pipes freezing The pond was frozen but the ice wasn't thick enough to walk on.
- water freezes and becomes ice when the temperature falls below zero, below freezing
- the temperature at which water freezes: freezing-point (= 0※°C)
- to become covered with ice: ice over/up
The freezer completely iced up so I couldn't open the door.
- to become liquid again after being frozen: melt
The ice on the pond is melting at last.
※ frozen food FOOD
※—† moving on ice
- to move along a smooth surface: slide*
Cars were sliding around on the icy road. to slide down a hill
- to slide accidentally, lose your balance and fall or nearly fall: slip (over)
I slipped over on the ice and hurt my head.
- (used about a surface) difficult to move over because of frost or ice: slippery
a slippery road/path
- boots with thick metal blades on the bottom, that you wear to move around on ice: ice skates
- to move over ice wearing ice skates: skate
- a sharp metal tool used (especially by mountain climbers) to cut ice: ice-axe
※ more on skating SPORT

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