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1 periods of time
2 situations, processes, actions, etc
3 objects and places
4 supplies, resources, etc
stopping doing sth

1 periods of time
- the last point of a period of time: end (of sth)
the end of the month/year Please reply by the end of April.
- to come to the end of a period of time: end, come* to an end
My last year at university is about to come to an end.
- when a period of time has ended, it is up
Stop writing now, please. Your time is up. You must return the car before the week is up.

2 situations, processes, actions, etc
- the final point or moment of sth: end
See me at the end of the lesson. He left before the end of the party.
- the end of a race, competition, etc: finish
It was a close finish. from start to finish
- coming at the end: last (adjective, adverb)
The last month of the year is December. This is the last cigarette I shall ever smoke. He didn't win the race - he came last!.
※ more on being or happening last FIRST/NEXT/LAST
- to reach its end: finish, end, come* to an end
What time does the show finish? The course ended with a party for all the students.
- to come to the end of sth: finish sth/doing sth, end sth
She finished her drink and left. We should finish painting this wall today. They have decided to end their relationship.
- finished: over
When the film was over, there was a discussion.
※ ending a relationship RELATIONSHIP
- to finish making sth that has taken time or effort: complete sth
The new building should be completed by July. Have you completed your research yet?
- to continue with an activity until it is successfully completed: see* sth through
I'll see this project through and then I'm going to leave the company.
※—† the end of a book, film, conversation, story, etc
- the last part of a story, film, etc: end, conclusion
That is the end of the story. a surprising conclusion to the story
- the way in which a story, etc comes to an end: ending; to reach the end: end
a happy/sad ending The story ends with the prince marrying the princess.
- when a conversation, meeting, etc ends, it comes* to a close, draws* to a close; to start to end sth: bring* sth to a close
As the play drew to a close, it was obvious who was the murderer. The priest brought the service to a close with a prayer.
- coming to an end: closing, concluding
the closing moments in a film
- at the end of a series of events: in the end, finally, eventually
In the end he lost his job and had to sell his house.
- at the end of a list: lastly, last of all
Lastly, I should like to thank you all for listening to me.
※—† not ending
- without an end: endless (adverb endlessly)
They quarrelled endlessly, but never considered divorce.

3 objects and places
- the last part of sth: end
the end of a pencil. the end of the street a cigarette end You hold that end and we'll lift this together.
- the place where sth, especially a surface, ends: edge
The paper was going brown around the edges. She drove the car over the edge of the cliff.
- the thin or pointed end of sth: tip
the tips of your fingers

4 supplies, resources, etc
- to use sth until no more is left: use sth up, (more formal) exhaust sth (usually passive)
I used up all my coins in the parking meter. Our food supplies will be exhausted in a few days.
- when a supply of sth comes to an end, it runs* out
The milk has run out - shall I get some more?
- to have no more of sth: run* out (of sth), be out of sth
I'm afraid we've run out of time. We're out of coffee. Would you like tea instead?
※—† MORE ...
- to gradually bring sth to an end: phase sth out
This system of payment is being phased out.
- to end sth: (formal) terminate sth; an act of ending sth: (formal) termination
to terminate a contract to terminate a pregnancy the termination of your contract
- time or space that has no end: infinity (noun U)
the infinity of space

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