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diesel [diesel diesels] BrE [ˈdiːzl] NAmE [ˈdiːzl] noun
1. (also ˈdiesel fuel, ˈdiesel oil)uncountable a type of heavy oil used as a fuel instead of petrol/gas
a diesel engine (= one that burns ↑diesel )
diesel cars/locomotives/trains
compare petrol
2. countable a vehicle that uses diesel fuel
Our new car is a diesel.
See also:diesel fuel

Word Origin:
late 19th cent.: named after R. Diesel (1858-1913), the inventor of the diesel engine.

Example Bank:
The diesel model is slightly more expensive.
These buses run on diesel.
It's one of the best diesel cars you can buy.
Nearly 300 litres of diesel oil were spilt in the river.
The diesel engine burns its fuel much more efficiently.

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